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We offer quick and reliable services on all home appliances in Lakeland, FL. Why replace, when you can repair? In most cases, repairing your machine is the way to go. We are committed to honest professional service at competitive prices, whether it's to repair your dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, washer, oven, ranges and stove tops.  Serving Lakeland, Plant City, Auburndale, Winter Haven and nearby towns.

Serving Polk, Hillsborough,  Orange and Osceola County!

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We depend on our refrigerator to store and maintain our food properly. Make sure your refrigerator is maintaining proper food temperature and efficiency. It is important to get a professional refrigerator or freezer repair as soon as you see any irregularities in your refrigerator. Keep in mind waiting to repair the unit may result to higher repair cost and jeopardize the longevity of the unit.


A clogged drain is the most common problem we see in dishwashers. We provide fair maintenance services to avoid these types of problems. You may have other problems such as a leak, no power, poor draining or washing properly, etc. you can count on us to fix it!


Your stove or oven has an average lifespan of 15 years, so if it’s acting up, or not heating properly, we can help answer any questions you may have, or we can come take a look!

In the extreme weathers of Texas, proper care and maintenance is a must for your unit at home. This continuous use can strain your system, which ultimately increases the probability of failure. We provide preventative maintenance service as well as repair services.  You can trust C & I AC Repair to keep your space cool.


What would we do without a washer or dryer? I believe washer and dryers are the hardest used appliance. We ride these babies until the end. Especially when you have a big family. From noises to no-heat, if you washer or dryer is acting funny, give us a call. Waiting to repair your washer or dryer can result into higher repair costs. 


Read what people have said about us...

5/13/17, 8:24 am


"Customer Service, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Great service and very quick response time. I will highly recommend".           -Jason-

5/17/17, 4:05 pm

"Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Would definitely recommend C&I to anyone. Professional service with great customer service."        -Bgcjr-

"Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Great attitude and friendly technician. Extremely respectful and someone I would want to assist me again in the future"                      -Frank-


"It went really well, Chris answered our call on Sunday and would have come out but it wasn't a huge emergency. "  -Brittany-

2/22/17, 2:31 pm

"Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Great personality....Called to confirm address and time of expected arrival of appointment."                        - Shawn-


Chris was honest, polite and showed up on time. He seemed to know his stuff and offered honest advice (suggested replacing the item vs. him repairing it, even though he would make money on the repair.) An all around good guy and company. Would highly recommend."                                  - Michael Peck-


"Christoper is very thorough and knows his stuff.  He fixed our samsung ice maker dispenser which was leaking water. We had some issues with fixing this with some other company before. He also gave some recommendation on fridges and other appliances and even HVAC tune up. We will definitely utilize his services in future and will recommend him to our family and friends. Thanks Chris !!!"      -Afroz-


"When my washing machine stopped working, a friend recommended C&I. Christopher was friendly and professional and fixed my washing machine for a nominal fee.

When my dryer started acting strangely, of course I called Christopher. His swift service, professional demeanor and exceptional customer service are truly a rare find." -Michelle_

11/18/17, 8:53 pm

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Christopher was fantastic

10/10/17, 10:40 am

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

One of the nicest persons I've ever dealt with.

10/5/17, 11:13 am

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Awesome service! Very honest and saved me money! Definitely recommend to others!

11/17/17, 2:15 pm

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Chris was outstanding.

11/24/17, 11:42 am

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

Very professional, trustworthy and friendly. Will be referring to every one i know.

12/9/17, 5:02 pm

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

This was the best experience I have ever had with a household repair person he explained to me what he thought might be wrong I had a recording of the noise it was making and he fixed it. He was on time and just a really nice guy. Gave me tips on what to look for when buying my next appliance.

Today, 1:23 pm

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness

I’m so grateful for the extra mile Chris went getting my drier fixed on a SATURDAY and SAME DAY I messaged. THANK U!

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